What is Wire Mesh?

What is Wire Mesh?

Wire mesh is also known as wire cloth / wire fabric or wire net is a flexible metal item that can be utilized viably in endless applications worldwide. From modern to business applications, wire mesh is a common metal product.

What are material & weave types:

Wire Mesh is widely used like for fencing, baskets, architectural grilles, grates, mesh racks, aggregate screening, water screens, guard screens, security, & other purpose.

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What are wire mesh types?

Wire Mesh Types:

The wire mesh has various weave types and shapes. The weave types are Plain weave, Twilled weave, Dutch weave, Dutch twilled weave and shapes are square, rectangular.

What are wire mesh material types?

The material type of wire mesh fence is Brass, Copper, Nickel, Low carbon steel, Iron, Aluminum, and Stainless steel.

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