What is Woven Wire Mesh?

What is Woven Wire Mesh?

Woven wire mesh is woven to measure similarly material is woven on a loom. The most widely recognized materials used to make woven wire net are carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and SS. 

woven wire mesh
Woven Wire Net

Our woven wire cloth is incredibly adaptable and simple to introduce, can be utilized in an assortment of utilization. Heavier woven wires must be pre-crimped. Pre-crimped woven wire net is ideal for both mechanical and design applications.

How It Is made?

Woven wire mesh is made up of an array of intersecting wires. The wires are usually woven over and under the perpendicular wires to create a secure sheet.

The Most Common Uses

Wire filter products are most commonly used in manufacturing industries, especially for filtration and separation.

How to Order?

To Buy online wire mesh in Oman, Kuwait, Israel & other gulf countries you can visit YKMGroup.com. It's a manufacturing company located in Sharjah, Dubai & Abu Dhabi in UAE.

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