What are the most common weave types in wire mesh?

 What is Weave?

Weaving is a technique for material creation in which two unmistakable arrangements of yarns or strings are entwined at right points to shape a texture or fabric. Different techniques are weaving, knitting, felting, and interlacing or plaiting. The manner in which the twist and filling strings intertwine with one another is known as the weave.

wire mesh weave types

Most Common Weave Types

There are following types of weave are available for wire mesh:

Plain Weave is the most commonly used and simplest wire cloth weave. It is simple to use and most popular in the industry. Plain wire mesh is used in food processing units, Sieving , separation and filtering process, safety and protection of equipment, and also used to serve the industries of aerospace, automotive, construction and oil and gas.

plain wire mesh

Dutch twill wire mesh proves to offer the best strength than the normal Dutch woven mesh. It comes with a feature of cleanliness with an ease and also has excellent durability. 

Twill weave wire mesh is fabricated by passing the cross wire in a formation of up and down wrap wires. The pattern which is followed for the wrap wires provides a parallel diagonal appearance. Also, the specification is that it uses heavy wires in specific mesh count that is valid for the plain weave mesh. Another specification is that it has a tendency of large loads and fine filtration. 

Reverse dutch woven wire mesh is specifically designed for industries using the filtering process and these are majorly made up of the stainless steel wire which is high is chemical resistance, alkali and acids resistance, also, prevents from being rustic and corrosion.

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