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Get the Standard quality woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh in stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, nickel, and other materials at factory prices! No hidden charges. You can get it within a short period of time from your order.

Products are available in various sizes and weave, you can also get customizable wire mesh roll. Currently delivery is available for all cities and states in United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Djibouti country. So, what are you waiting for get an instant order to buy these industrial products at your place?

The best thing is about the manufacturer, it is running for more than 20 years, and earns good faith values from its clients, and maintains its quality standards.

wire mesh suppliers

Types of products Company manufacture and Supply

Woven Wire Mesh - SS, Copper, Fine steel, low carbon steel, nickel, brass, epoxy, fly mesh screens, aluminum, hexagonal (chicken mesh), etc.

Welded Wire Mesh - Galvanized (GI), Stainless Steel, PVC

Shading Nets

  • Royal & Agro net with Waterproof, UV protected & more features.
  • Color types: Green, Beige, Black, Blue, White, Grey, etc.

Chain Link Fences - PVC, SS, and GI

Wires: Barbed wire, Razor, Bob, Fencing, Binding in materials like SS, GI, PVC.

Delivery Locations: Oman, Kuwait, Djibouti, Israel & UAE

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